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Misson Statement

To Provide a holistic approach to self-sufficiency to individuals in our underserved communities by utilizing our available resources and networking with others to meet the needs of our programs participants. 

Sistas of the Hood is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines.

In good standing

Board of Directors

Linda pic 1 9.3.19.jpg

Linda L. Barker

CEO & Founder


Ronita Bonner


Renna 4.12.19.jpg

Renna Thomas


Beulah 4.12.19.jpg

Beulah Horton-Jordan

Vice President




Shirley+Wilson.jpg 2014-3-8-16:57:19

Shirley Wilson

Advisory Board Member


Cheryl Walters


Constance 4.12.19.jpg

Constance Barker

Advisory Board Member


Betty Atlas Wilson

Advisory Board Members


Sonya Davis


Our Purpose

S.O.T.H. purpose is to help individuals of underserved populations who desire to make a change in their lives, by providing services that move them in the direction of self development, empowerment, and healing.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to reintergrate individuals and families back into society with integrity, positive self-esteem and know-how and to teach them how to overcome obstacles which may contribute to a state of impoverishment.

What We Do

Sista's of the Hood

is a tax-exempt not-for-profit resource program that serves our undeserved in Illinois. In existence since 1998, we began initially to help families of incarcerated individuals. Sista's of the Hood has since grown into an organization that uses a holistic approach to support and provide services and workshops to various populations within the Austin Community and the Greater Chicago land area.

Victims of Domestic-Violence and Homelessness 

The program would address and service families of both domestic-violence and homelessness victims by utilizing our work-shops on life skills and support programs for both the victims and the children thereby creating normality and self-worth while reconnecting participants to independent living. 

Senior Outreach Programs 

Our goal is to obtain and expand our senior out reach program. By linking the seniors with their areas of expertise thereby creating both expansion for programs and the utilization of the seniors experiences, Our goal is to create self- sufficiency for the seniors involved in the program which would create longevity for seniors by utilizing their experiences and expanding their present skills. 


We conduct the following workshops:

  • Life Skills: It's All About You (8 weeks)

  • Financial Literacy: Your Money Matters (6 weeks)

  • Anger Management: Managing Your Anger and Assessment (4 weeks)

Who We Are

SOTH believes that life's struggles are less difficult when an individual has a supportive team that encourages and bridges resources that will offer increased rates of success.


When we come together collectively we can make an impact on our present situation that will create such a positive impact on the lives and families of the participant as well as bring some solidarity to our community.

SOTH supports women in shelters by providing them with resources that will foster successful steps towards recovery and regular society. We provide seniors with services that will help them retain a high quality of life. For individuals in transiton, we provide a host of workshops and services that will prepare that individual for a more stable environment and job. We aim to create solid habits through our partnerships that will decrease recidivism.  

"We give you tools and information that will lead you in the direction of self sufficiency!"

Our passion of giving back by providing a helping hand

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  Join Us Share in Our Passion to Give Back



 I am Linda L. Barker


  Founder and CEO of this POWERFUL Team of Individuals 

Sistas of the Hood


Mozella Galloway

Her Story Untold

Continuing to tell the legacy of woman

who have made and impact.

Mozella Galloway

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SOTH -Bringing all programs together under one umbrella that would assist in  the creation and redevelopment of cohesiveness within our community. By creating employable opportunities within the community that would create healthier lifestyles in family structure thereby creating revenue and safety within the community




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