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Her Story Untold

      Mozella Galloway

MOZELLA GALLOWAY went home to be with the Lord on November 19, 2012. She was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 28, 1951, the third child of seven children.


Mozella Galloway graduated from Marshall High school, received an associate degree at Daniel Hale Williams University in Chicago Illinois, a Bachelor's degree from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, and later did work on her Master's degree at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Mozella moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1987. Here, because of her love for writing, she attended Agnes Scott College.

Mozella Galloway worked in multiple Universities including University of Alabama, Auburn University and a combined total of 20 years at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked in the Financial - Aid office, the Registrar's office and her last position held was in the office of Graduate Medical Education: Emory University School of Medicine; as an Information Analyst II.

She was co-founder and President of The National Black Herstory Task Force, Inc. Founded in 1997, the National Black Herstory Task Force, Inc. (NBHTF) is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The NBHTF brings together diverse groups for the purpose of ensuring the inclusion of the stories of women of African descent in the recording of world history

Mozella Galloway's vision was to create a library where National Black Herstory could archive the accomplishments of unsung African people and their alliances, both nationally and internationally. Both her work at Emory University and NBHTF were truly Mozella's great passions. She had just returned (the Friday before her death) from attending a New Innovations Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio, assuring that Emory University remained in the forefront of computer technology and intelligence; and Mozella Galloway and her NBHTF board members were already making plans for the 2013,16th Annual National Black Herstory Conference.

In addition, Mozella was involved in volunteerism in other projects throughout the State of Georgia. She was a great scholar who respected and embraced diversity, ever learning about other cultures and sharing that knowledge with the world. She was a great mother whose great love for all human beings overflowed to other families. She was a great believer in the Biblical Sense of the Bible and was strengthen in her faith through worship with Faith Alive Tabernacle, Inc. Immediacy Ministry of Presence.

Mozella had an abundance of close friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances, whom she embraced and admired; a list far too great to name herein, but she could name each from this group of thousands- I must herein acknowledge her childhood friend Linda Barker, who is considered a member of this family.

In 1997 Mozella Galloway and Linda Barker were originators in the conception to the journey of creating Sista’s of the Hood and National HerStory. It was the commitment from Mozella and her dream that in the year 2012 she would introduce National HerStory to the state of Illinois. Once Mozella and Linda decided to bring back National HerStory to Illinois they would present HerStory Untold.

We are in the process of fulfilling the commitment setting up HerStory Untold, as well as recognizing Mozella Galloway’s accomplishments and fulfilling her dream and passion.

In recognition of HerStory Untold and in honor of Mozella Galloway, we want to create a foundation to assist young black women in journalism.

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We will be continuing HerStory Untold

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