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Brothers of the Hood

United to make positive changes…….X United
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When we work TOGETHER we become a TEAM

In collaborations with Like Minds to Promote Change

It's a Brotherhood

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Brothers Building Each Other Up

We are a Brotherhood, here to support you in your next level in life. Our hand in your hand we can make and be that difference. We will not be defined by our mistakes but we will be remembered by our progress and efforts made to change our lives. We are here to support you in getting to the new man that resides inside. We are not defeated, we are strong. We will start a new path today. We will be the leader of ourselves, family and our children. We are moving towards new paths in life, better, wiser and stronger.

Brothers of the Hood

Here to Help

  • Need help with a loved one coming home

  • Steps to take to re-enter society

  • Housing questions

  • Requirements

  • How to start over

  • If you are unsure of what the 1st steps in re-entry

For any of the questions above or general questions contact: or

Let us Help!

Prayer 2


In name of Jesus we decree from this day forward, we see ourselves the way God sees us.


We are highly favored of the Lord.


We are crowned with glory and honor. We are the righteousness of God in Christ and reigning as kings and queens in this life through the one Lord our Saviors

In Jesus name we declare by our faith that we walk in divine favor.


We have preferential treatment. Supernatural increased assets, great victories, recognition, and prominence.


Petitions granted policies and rules changed and battles won we do not have to fight, all because of the blessings and Favor of God on our lives.


This is our Decree by our faith it shall be.


Amen- Amen- Amen


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Sista's of The Hood

P.O. Box 6071

Broadview, Illinois 60155

Contact # 773-858-4453


Cash App: $sistasofthehood


Help Us by Donating

all donations are tax deductible

Sistas of the Hood is a 501(c)(3) under federal tax guidelines. In good standing

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