Faith Confessions


Prayer 1


When you speak this with the Authority you are given by Our Lord You take on ownership of its existence.


In Jesus’s Name, every morning when we arise, we expect divine favor to go before us and surround us as with a shield of Goodwill and pleasures forevermore.


Doors are now open for us that men say were impossible to open.


No obstacle can stop us, no hindrance can delay us.

In Jesus Name we are honored by our father as we receive genuine Favor that comes directly from Him. We are special to him; we are the object of his affection.


We are blessed and highly favored of the Lord, in Jesus name.


Amen- Amen- Amen.

Prayer 2


In name of Jesus we decree from this day forward, we see ourselves the way God sees us.


We are highly favored of the Lord.


We are crowned with glory and honor. We are the righteousness of God in Christ and reigning as kings and queens in this life through the one Lord our Saviors

In Jesus name we declare by our faith that we walk in divine favor.


We have preferential treatment. Supernatural increased assets, great victories, recognition, and prominence.


Petitions granted policies and rules changed and battles won we do not have to fight, all because of the blessings and Favor of God on our lives.


This is our Decree by our faith it shall be.


Amen- Amen- Amen